I’m back!

Although I’ve not actually been anywhere.

With my last post nearly a year ago I thought I’d revive this blog. I don’t actually know why I stopped posting, its just been a busy year and blogging hasn’t really been top of my list of things to work on after busy days at work.

From a tech perspective I’ve mainly been working on setting up a MythTV system and general home server. MythTV has been working great since October and I’m still working on interesting stuff some of which I hope to share in these pages over the coming weeks.

I’m also planning on sharing some more photos here and writting some shorter posts. I want to change the style a bit so that it is more like the old ‘life-steam’ metaphor (yes I know everyone is using Facebook and Google+ for this now, but I just don’t like them). The long technical posts will still remain but there will be more frequent shorter posts like this one. The basic idea is to make the site look a little more lived in rather than the barren desert we’ve had recently!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Catch you again soon.