UALUG Fedora Article


Anyone that follows my feed will probably be aware that I recently switched away from Ubuntu and Archlinux and over to Fedora. This was mainly due to frustrations with Arch (I need a system which lets me get stuff done without too much overhead in looking after it) and my increasing feeling that Ubuntu isn’t going in the right direction for me as a power user/developer.

I recently wrote an article on Fedora 13 for our University LUG – UALUG and I thought I’d post a link for readers of this blog. The article focuses on Fedora 13 as a platform for developers and basically details my own Fedora 13 setup. It’s written with the aim of advocating Fedora for people new to Linux, but it also serves of my review of the latest Fedora release.

Anyway here’s the link:

Hopefully I should be posting some more interesting content here soon as I’ve been playing around with some interesting stuff. It’s just a matter of me finding time to write it up! Bye for now.