Blogging and Development Haitus

People following me via and via the site feed may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I won’t go into the details about what’s been going on (its all been good stuff though), but its safe to say I’ve been a bit busy. Anyway, I’m back (pretty much).

I’ve decided now to focus my spare time on SwallowCatcher development and poking around with cool technologies that I come across, with some write-ups here. This means that I’m ditching the Unofficial Python Module of the Week segment. This is really because I just can’t hack the schedule and don’t want to be tied down to blogging at specific times.

However, on the up side SwallowCatcher development will resume from today and I hope to have a new release soon. Of course the new release will be posted here as soon as it’s ready.

Also, apologies to anyone who came across my site in its eye-offending pink and grey glory. I’m not sure what happened there. I’m hoping that the site wasn’t hacked in my absence and I can’t find any other evidence of that, but its weird nonetheless.

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